Service info

One of the main requirement of any partner who wants to make use of qualified job of transportation and forwarding Company, is his cargo delivery on time, and well-organized work of Inter Trans Shipping implements and guarantees conveyance on time and turnkey. While cargoes waiting for their transportation, they are stored at protected areas and their conveyance proceeds by the modern vessels, thereby assuring customer's composure and confidence in cargo safe.

Inter Trans Shipping Company also insures cargoes as it becomes more and more popular and important being that the client must make no doubt if the load safe. Moreover, in case of superior force "Inter Trans Shipping" Company can fully reimburse investments of shipment cost.

To maximally optimize our work we successfully work in all Ukrainian ports, we dispatching containers from the port "Yuzhny", "Odessa", "Ilyichevsk".

Our Company can even provide deliver of your cargo into/out the port on any kind of transport, and we also organize delivery of export, transit and dangerous cargoes.

Each shipment can be staffed into containers (that provides by the latter-day equipment that also helps to safe time to the shortest), then its transportation and further loading on the vessel will be organized.

Full range of our services:

- International transportations with delivery "turnkey"

- Forwarding maintenance of cargos with foreign-trade destination

- Affreightment of vessels for Bulk and general cargos transportation

- Transportation of nontype cargos at the containers Open Top, Flat Rack types, etc.

- Assistance in providing of customs, veterinary and ecological procedures

- Cargo insurance

- Supervision and inspection of all transportations

- Transshipment and storage of cargos at ports

- Intraport dispatch

- Laboratories services

- Consulting